Roosevelt County Community Development Corporation (RCCDC)

RCCDC is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation created by the City of Portales, Eastern New Mexico University, and Roosevelt County to provide economic development services and to promote community development initiatives that will benefit the citizens of its community.

Historically, RCCDC’s focus has been on economic development recruitment efforts. Although attracting new business and industry remains one of RCCDC’s critical functions, the organization is broadening its purpose to include a more multi-faceted approach to creating economic development and fostering community growth.

In addition to creating new jobs and attracting private investment, RCCDC is working on creating additional disposable income in the community. Through partnerships with the USDA-Rural Development office in Roswell, for example, housing rehabilitations for low-income homeowners become possible. Housing rehabilitations provide additional financial support for local building contractors and their employees as well as reduce utility expenses and other operational costs for the homeowners. The resulting additional monthly cash flow can result in extra spending money, and more spending in the community leads to greater activity in the local economy, which benefits everyone.

RCCDC also provides business assistance. When starting a new business, relocating a business to Roosevelt County, submitting a Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) application to the City of Portales, or looking for help resolving a business problem, RCCDC can help.


  • Stanley D. Livengood, Executive Business Director
  • 100 South Avenue A, Portales, New Mexico 88130
  • 575-356-8541 -or- 800-635-8036

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